Welcome To Peace River High School!


Our Vision: Preparing Individual Citizens for Tomorrow.

Our Mission: Peace River High School, Experience the Success! 

 Peace River High’s Regular Instructional Program includes a full range of academic core, non-academic and options/complementary courses in single grade classrooms to meet the education to meet the diverse needs of students in grades 9 through 12. We offer the greatest variety of options in the Peace Region, allowing us to meet the diverse learning and interests of our students and the community.  

At Peace River High We Value:

  • RESPECT – We believe in modeling integrity and promoting respectful behaviour to others and property.
  • SAFETY – For learning to occur, we must feel physically and emotionally safe.
  • CONNECTIONS – By investing in relationships with each other, learning is improved. 
  • FAIRNESS – We believe in fair and just treatment by addressing individual differences.
  • SUCCESS – We believe in using learning strategies that engage students and increase student achievement.
  • HIGH EXPECTATIONS – We believe all people can and will learn and grow, when high expectations are set.

Our instructional spaces include classrooms that have Smart Boards that use digital projectors and computers for teaching and learning.  We have a two station gym and weight-cardio work out area, two modern science labs, a modern Industrial Arts lab, Art room, a Band/Drama/Cosmetology room and a large library. We have both a computer lab and carts of wireless laptop computers. Our outdoor space includes beach volleyball courts, a basketball court, a large newly redone green space for field sports and an outdoor patio that overlooks the town.

Our Library has resources which allow students to access current print and electronic materials for research or recreational reading. Classroom teachers have students access the library for assignments and students are free to use the resources before school, during lunch, after school or during study time.

Our student services program is staffed by a part-time special education teacher and several education assistants who help students within their regular classrooms.

Our student gathering area (SGA) is used for students to sit in during lunch or during breaks.

Our First Nation Metis and Inuit (FNMI) program is staffed by a part-time teacher who helps students with their educational program and other aspects of the FNMI program.

Our career guidance program is staffed by a half time teacher who helps students with timetabling, career information and post-secondary applications and scholarships. About one quarter of our grades 12s regularly qualify for Rutherford Scholarships.

Our extracurricular program includes opportunities for students to participate in Student’s Union, Interact, yearbook, volunteering for community projects and sports.  Sports include grade nine teams and also grade ten through twelve boys and girls teams in volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross country, track and field, football, cheer squad and rugby. Depending upon the yearly interest we also have golf and curling teams.