Peace River High School Awarded $10,000 CTS Grant

Peace River High School Awarded $10,000 CTS Grant

Students at Peace River High School (PRHS) will soon enjoy the latest and greatest in welding and fabrication equipment thanks to a $10,000.00 grant from TransCanada and Skills Alberta Canada. PRHS is one of four Alberta schools selected to receive the grant that enhances Career and Technology Studies (CTS) opportunities for students.

“We are thrilled to be approved for this grant and thank Skills Canada Alberta and TransCanada for their support that increases opportunities for students” says Kevin Bauman, CTS educator at PRHS.

With the grant money, PRHS will purchase a CNC plasma arc cutting table and software for the welding and fabrication program at the school. The CNC system is a combination of computer software and equipment that allows for design, layout, set up and production of manufactured parts such as custom bumpers or signs.  Kevin Bauman, PRHS CTS educator applied for the grant and says the new equipment is a huge benefit to students.

“Students will have hands-on experience with the same equipment that is being used in the field of welding and fabrication” says Bauman.  “This increases their success at trades-school and in finding work. In addition to the experience of being able to operate the equipment, the CNC system also allows students to be artistic and creative when developing projects and parts.”

Bauman has been instrumental in obtaining CTS funding for the school through his dedication in applying for various CTS based grants. With Bauman’s passion and initiative, the school has applied and been approved for over $36,000.00 in grant funding since 2010 that continue to make the carpentry, welding and fabrication programs at PRHS second to none.    The school has purchased a metal lathe, new carpentry and welding equipment, a set of six robots for the robotics program and now the addition of the CNC plasma system.

Skills Canada is an organization focused on providing students with trades-based opportunities and experience. Skills Canada hosts regional, provincial, national and world competitions annually that allow students to compete in trades based events such as carpentry, welding, hairstyling, photography and safety.  They also partner with industry to provide schools with the opportunity to apply for CTS grant funding.  

In a media released issued by Skills Canada Alberta, Tony Palmer, Senior Vice-President of Stakeholder relations says they are pleased to partner with Skills Canada to help empower students and leadership in trades.

“We recognize that this investment will provide schools with valuable tools and resources by helping students make the link between classroom education and future careers in trades and technologies.”

PRHS expects the new equipment to be ready for use in time for the start-up of the 2014-2015 school year.