June Spotlight on Health and Safety

June Spotlight on Health and Safety

Safety Message – Disaster Preparedness

If your family is caught in an emergency or disaster situation, are you prepared?  It is recommended that you should always be ready to take care of yourselves for a minimum of 72 hours.  Your best defence in any emergency is to have a plan and be familiar with what to do.

There are three keys to disaster preparedness.

Know the risks – analyze what hazards you face? Consider natural (ex. forest fires and floods), service disruptions (ex. power failure) and environmental (ex. chemical spill) emergency possibilities.

Make a plan – each household needs an emergency plan.  It will help your family know what to do in an emergency situation.  Discuss topics such as where to go, how to communicate and emergency contacts.

Create an emergency kit – in an emergency basic supplies will be needed.  Services may not be available and having essentials on hand is critical. 

You may find the following links helpful in preparing your family for emergency situations.

Alberta Emergency Alert App


Government of Canada Disaster Preparedness Site

                                (emergency kit contents, preparing a family plan)


PRSD Safety Advisory Committee