Peace High Student One of Three Canadian Students Selected for International Trip

Peace High Student One of Three Canadian Students Selected for International Trip

Cali Fraser, grade eleven student from Peace River High School is one of three Canadian students and one of 60 students worldwide chosen to attend the “Institut Francais” in Paris, France this summer.  “Institut Francais” encourages cross-cultural exchange and exposes students to French language and culture. 

“This is my first time leaving Canada and I am so excited” says Cali. “It will be awesome to put my French language learning into practice, see all the sites and meet new people from all over the world.”

In order to be considered to attend the “Institut Francais”, students must pass a certain level (B1 or B2) of the DELF French Language Diploma exam (learn more about DELF exams here), write a letter of interest and provide a letter of support to the French Language Resource Centre.  Cali’s letter of interest was chosen based on various factors by a committee formed under the French Language Resource Center and the DELF examination centre in Grande Prairie.

Cali learned of the opportunity through Mr. Michel Belanger, PRHS French Immersion educator. “Cali shows great potential, she is a good learner and she wanted to see first-hand what she studied about the French Revolution” says Mr. Belanger.  “I’m sure she will profit from the visits and the pedagogical sessions, from interacting with the students from other countries and most importantly improve her level of French.”
Upon arriving in France, Cali and students from across the world will experience an overnight stay in a France Youth hostel then attend the French Military Parade in celebration of France’s national holiday. The students will then head to Vichy where they will be greeted by their host families. Over the duration of the trip, students will take part in nine classroom style educational workshops and visits to historical, scientific, cultural, religious sites and museums. Students will visit the National Center of Theatre Costumes and various festivals, cinemas and chateaus. The last few days of the twelve day trip will be spent touring Paris, enjoying fun activities as they tour the city on boats, pedal scooter bikes and other forms of transportation. The trip will wrap-up with student making presentations portraying their learning and experiences during their visit to France. Throughout the duration of the trip students will be supervised by trained personnel.

Cali has been enrolled in French programming since elementary school while taking French Immersion at Springfield Elementary and TA Norris Middle School and is currently enrolled in French Language Arts and Études sociales at PRHS. Cali says that having a second language is important to her because it offers more opportunities. “Knowing a second language provides more schooling and career options and it has already come in handy” says Cali. “A few years ago while I was teaching skating there were students who spoke primarily French. I was able to communicate with them and put my skills to use.” 

“I would like to thank my mom, Mr. Belanger, all my French teachers throughout the years and the French Language Resource Centre” says Cali. “If it was not for their support and knowledge, I would not be preparing to go on this awesome adventure.”